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Thread: Tried Icon yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFiresky View Post
    I wasn't sure how desirable a fabric back was. Does it capture a lot of the energy from pushing?
    There are many of us who are partial to solid backrests, though obviously not all. That the Icon comes standard with a fabric back support is likely not a company endorsement that it is more desirable (though, again, some users will prefer it) but a matter of economics -- solid backs are more expensive, thus an option. With the exception of the M****l, I can't think of any chair that comes standard with a solid back. Even TiLite's tricked-out Z10 came standard with a nylon back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFiresky View Post
    You did. And the fact that you realize that indicates that maybe she got pretty lucky, too!
    Thanks :-)

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