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Thread: Solid shox tires

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    Solid shox tires

    I have two set of wheels, and i`m thinking in mount in one of them solid tires like shox, i have read they are like a 110 psi air tire, but i don`t believe it.

    I would like the opinions of the people who have this tires in their wheels, have them a nice ride? much rolling resistence? what about when turning? are very heavy? etc.

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    I tried solid tires because I worry about rolling over glass or other sharp objects while rolling around city streets. I lasted about 3 months before I went back to marathon plus tires. They weren't bad, they just didn't feel as good as properly inflated regular tires.

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    For temporary backups only.

    There are heavy and the rolling resistance is horrible.

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    The 110psi version is like 85psi, IMO. I keep a set of wheels shod with them for traveling. Had tube failures twice while many thousands of miles from home. Once I was told they popped in the airplane hold because of pressure and altitude issues. I have also been made to deflate my tires before loading when one attendant noticed they were 145psi and told me it was against regulations to put anything pressurized into the cargo hold.

    The biggest issue is once the tread wear down the open cell foam they are made of becomes exposed. This turns them into rolling sponges, soaking up every manner of fluid they roll over, then tracking it everywhere like a paint roller!

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    No, that is not true. But it is ok to have an extra pair with solid for a night on the town and for a few vacation day.
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    I have used them for years. It is a trade-off. While they may not feel like 110 psi, I don't have to worry about checking air pressure or flats.
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    Do not forget the other tradeoff…

    While you don't worry about pressure or flats, you'll wreck your shoulders.

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    I ran the Blue Shox (25-590) for a couple of months. I loved them at first.... but as they began to wear out they were like a sponge. They would absorb water when out in the rain, then when I got home they would leave water line marks all over my hardwood floors. Drove me nuts!!! No matter how many times I tried to dry em' off it would last for hours.
    They are also very difficult to get on the rim. I had to use zip-tie's about every 4 inches. Then go back and cut them all off.

    When I replaced them I had to cut them off with a small hacksaw. They are on the rim very tightly.

    I would just stick with the inflatable tires.

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    reading this i think i will put marathon plus in the other set.

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    I am using Kik Mako for a year, is fine for me, but too haevy, almost double weight my wheel, compare to inflat tire.
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