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Thread: Geron Corp halting their stem cell research.....

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    Geron Corp halting their stem cell research.....

    This is disturbing news. I thought things were looking up in this field as they were finding all sorts of new applications for stem cell therapies. I've heard of studies to see if it could help with everything from heart attack damage to vision problems.

    By Associated Press, Published: November 14
    TRENTON, N.J. — The company doing the first government-approved test of embryonic stem cell therapy is discontinuing further stem cell work, a move with stark implications for a field offering hope of future medicines for conditions with inadequate or no current treatments.

    Geron Corp., a pioneer in stem cell research that has been testing a spinal cord injury treatment, said late Monday that it’s halting development of its stem cell programs to conserve funds. It is seeking partners to take on the programs’ assets and is laying off much of its staff.

    Here's the full article from the Washington Post:

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    a little late. This has already been discussed within the community and I think there is a general consensus that we thank them for what they were able to get done, but geron was never really the best shot for us chronics anyway... Acute is just too small of a target population. Really, in the back of my mind, I suspected this might be a problem anyway
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