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Thread: Spent the day in my power chair for the first time

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    Spent the day in my power chair for the first time

    It was nice. I got to take a nap (a little bit longer than usual) and it just barely fits underneath my desk. I have a sling away control on it so when I get up to my desk I can move the control out of the way and get all the way up to the desk. The way it tilts is kind of weird though. Instead of having a stick to raise and lower it, it has a button that you push down on to get it to tilt and then when you want to go back down, is like go for a couple of seconds and press the button again and slowly brings you back down. I kind of like having a stick to push on to raise and lower the head because I feel like I have more control and if I accidentally slip off of it, all I have to do is press on it again. I got stuck sitting straight up for about an hour and a half because my foot came off the foot rest and I didn't want To get stuck. It ended up making my little sore a lot worse and of course now I'm stuck back in bed but I do have my new seat cushion coming. We found one that works perfect and has no high-pressure spots. It's a Roho Elite which is basically a J cushion with the Roho where my butt is. We pressure mapped me on that and there were no high-pressure spots so it looks like I may finally be able to get out of bed again.
    Here is the picture of me in my chair:

    And here is a picture of me fully tilted back:

    Now all I have to do is get something so I can knock it down in my Van so I can take you places. I do have another problem though. If I leave my left arm on the armrests for too long, my arm falls asleep. I don't know what's up with that but all of a sudden I can't use my left hand because I have no power in my wrist. I guess I'll have to get that checked out
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    Looks good Ryan! Tilt is a great feature. Even my cats like it best when tilted so they can nestle into me without gravity interfering.

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    Hi Ryan it is nice seeing your smiley face and all
    You rock hope your sore heals up ASAP

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    I'm not sure what nerve damage currently affects your arms, do you have use of the ulnar nerve which controls the outer side of your arm down through your last 2 fingers? In my laymans opinion, I wonder if you're pressing on the ulnar nerve with the armrest. I don't have SCI, but I have nerve damage in my ulnar nerves. Certain arm rests or certain positioning on arm rests will make my arms go numb as a result. Having some padding under your elbows can help if this is a problem for you.

    The ulnar nerve travels through a tunnel in the elbow, and can easily get irritated. Like 'hitting your funny bone' is bumping the ulnar nerve. And problems can develop such as cubital tunnel, which is essentially carpal tunnel which most people have heard of but affecting the ulnar nerve in the elbow. Leaning on elbows, hard arm rests, laxity in the elbow joint etc can all lead to the issues. And it may be as simple as adding padding to the arm rests or trying different positions when resting your arms. Something to ask about anyway!
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    Looking good, rybread!
    But boo to your sore getting worse.

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