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Thread: getting behind the wheel

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    getting behind the wheel

    How many people are finding it easy to get back into driving?

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    very easy to me but thats been 18 years ago........only bad thing was my driving evaluation was in downtown Orlando on a Friday afternoon around 5 pm in one of the worst storms I have ever seen in my life.

    I passed with flying colors

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    There was a bit of a learning curve, but not a big one. It took a long time to get everything finalized, that was frustrating. But it was the biggest thing to getting my life back.

    Start the process right away, b/c in many states you need to be evaluated, trained and/or tested to drive w/ hand controls. And in my state, you can't get the hand controls until you pass. And there was a long wait to schedule the testing.

    (Regulations are different in every state.)
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    I am a T8 like sjean and second what he said. It is not that hard, and I don't know about you but it drove me nuts being dependent on someone else to drive places. Took a couple weeks to get it so it was second nature and now I don't even think about it.

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    I went from a small car and to a big van with handcontrols, I don't know if it was the handcontrols or the van, but it took some lessons. I have a feeling it was the size of the car who bother me most.

    If I should have bought the car myself, I would have chosen a different one that was easy to park in the streets, even the HC parking isn't long enough and I have the lift behind. So I am not using it very often, I was three years without a car and it was not any problem at all even if the buses and trams are inaccessible here.
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    adaptive driving was part of my rehab in 92 at Santa Clara. Never really gave it a second thought , but my instructor seemed a little nervous ! LOL Driving is one of the few times I feel just like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliizsa View Post
    How many people are finding it easy to get back into driving?
    I don't have an SCI but I did just start driving again for the first time since I started using a chair 16 years ago. I was pretty excited the first time I did it, about six months ago. It did take me a few month to get used to it but now it feels like it did before. I haven't really had an disability related problems while driving but the car is an automatic, don't know how I'd do with a stick.

    Learning to get the chair in and out of the car was hard. It was real tough. I asked advice here and watched videos on Youtube and finally I think I've got it down. Using advice I got from SCI-OTR about a year ago, I had already armored my frame in spots with ABS plastic and thank god I did. I'm finding spots where it's grinding down and it it wasn't the replaceable plastic there, it'd be the very expensive titanium frame.

    I have too many friends with too many different disabilities who drive just fine to pre-judge who can and can't do it. I'm also very glad I knew how to drive before disability changed my life and I had my first "chair day" (the day I realized I no longer had a choice about using it - sucked).

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    It took awhile to get used to how fast everyone was going. Have more time then money so I set my cruse control to 52.
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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts! I greatly appreciate them.

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    My rehab included driving lessons, and the paperwork needed to get my new license in Massachusetts. By the second day of driving, I was pretty much comfortable with it in my mostly rural area. By the end of a month I was OK driving in New York City. I use my cruse control a lot.
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