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Thread: What is the best acute rehabilitation facility?

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    What is the best acute rehabilitation facility?

    My brother in law recently experienced an incomplete T7 Asia C injury due to complications from surgically installing a stimulator unit.(blood clot pressing on spinal cord) The odd thing is that the injury is not symmetrical, in which he is getting movement back in one leg.

    We are looking to find out which rehab facility is deemed to be the best in the nation, and then which is the best on the east coast.(And why)

    I greatly appreciate any input you may offer. Thank You

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    Craig Hospital in Colorado is about the best. Best on the East Coast is more than likely Shepherd in Atlanta Ga. /Sorry to hear about this with your brother in law.
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    Thanks I appreciate it. We are still kind of in shock from it. I had heard good stuff about Kessler and Chicago Institute. Is there some place/organization that rates the different facilities?

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    The SCI model systems are recommended. Kesslers has a great reputation for SCI rehab. AS does RIC and Shephard,

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