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Thread: Anybody Tried Swedish Cutting Boards and Ulu Knives

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    Anybody Tried Swedish Cutting Boards and Ulu Knives

    Has anybody tried these and have any recomendations?

    I want to try some new recipes this winter that require a lot of vegetable chopping and meat slicing....hard to do with a weak grip.

    The Ulu knife apparently has been used by Arctic Native Americans for thousands of years.... looks really interesting and better 'adapted' than modern 'adaptive' knives.

    Anybody tried these? Are they helpful?

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    quadriplegic chef Cory Parsons who lives near Victoria has used the Ulu knife to build his career.

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    wow...that's a big YES to the Ulu knife. He's gonna be a quad with a cleft palate ..pallette..? though by the looks of that magazine photo

    Anybody tried a swedish cutting board?


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    Quote Originally Posted by avictoria View Post

    Anybody tried a swedish cutting board?

    It a life saver totally recommend

    here is a review i did

    For me as a 1 handed teen thanks to 4 strokes(cerebral palsy) who has moved out of home.It is the difference between 1.Living on takeways
    2.Having a carer (Im very anti social)

    If you have a 1 handed kid BUY THIS and get them helping out in kitchen asap(like when 3 years old its easier than when they are teenagers)

    This review is aimed at my age group but its also great for adults

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    I am a quad and got one of the boards as a gift. To me, it was more trouble than it was worth. Setting it up and cleaning it was a pain. It is in the back of a drawer someplace. For vegie slicing, I use a Cusinart food processor and a wood cutting board that I drove a stainless steel nail through to hold onions, potatoes, etc. Somebody suggested that in another thread here. I also find that raw meat is easier to slice or cut up if partially frozen.
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    Thx for the input! I think I will try both. It would be nice to slice my beef roast or ham at the dinner table w/out freezing it and nailing it to the table then taking a huge knife to it. Makes guests uneasy. LOL

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