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    Looking for a response f

    3 months ago I posted about not feeling right. Several replied, and come to find out my right hip was broken. Saw a Dr., went to the hospital, then sent home being told let it heal. It was monitored by the dr., eventually he told me to go back to exercise, and live my life normally. I have been physically screwed up for months, bad sweats especially at night. So I go to another dr., he says hip is real broken, and needs replacement. I get it replaced 1.5 week ago. Now mind you, I don't take any medicine at all, they put me on blood thinners and oxycontin. This messes me up real bad, it's like I am weakened at the heart and ready to cry so very easily. I am crippled 2.5 years now and never been this depressed, the sweats are 3 times as bad, can't focus or enjoy the day. I stopped the oxycontin the other day, thinking it was getting to me, but still feel bad. My stomach gets distended on the left side only, spasms are going away slowly, but the sweating is driving me to go insane. I have been working full time since my accident, like nothing ever happened, and now I would just go black at my desk. I feel like a burden at home now. There are only so many times somebody is going to change your sheets and shirts cause they are soaking wet. Then I get sad. It's like I am somebody else. Was strong, in shape, working, proud, driven, focused, self maintained just 3 months ago. Now a complete mess. What happened? How long will this hip take to cure? How do you know what generates a/d sweats? How do you pinpoint the problem? I'm sad, and need to smile again. Give me your thoughts. I just want to wake up, bathroom drill, shower/shave, dress, work, home, dinner and wine, kids and tv, bed, sleep through the nite, repeat. I worked hard to have that and want it back.


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    Hi Charlie, I am so sorry that you have been going through all of this. AD is often caused by discomfort, even if we don't actually feel it, so it may well be that your hip is causing the AD sweats, which means it will get a lot better as your hip does. Perhaps continuing to take some pain meds is a good idea, both for comfort and for relief of symptoms. I don't really have any medical info for you as I am unknowing, but try to keep your chin up and know that this will (eventually) be just a lousy chapter in your life that you can look back at. Hang in there.

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    Hi Charlie, Sorry to hear what you're going through, but I completely understand where you're coming from. After 26 years as a para, ligaments in my right knee got injured during a transfer last March. I figured if I was careful (and since I don't walk anyway), my knee would get better with time. Boy was I wrong. Each day spasms in that leg got worse to the point that the leg decided to pull itself toward my chest and keep itself there. The spasms also started screwing with my hip. Even if you think the pain med is messing you up, if your problem is similar to mine, you need more pain medication. Your body is reacting to pain even if you don't realize it. Your emotional state also suggests your body is in much more pain than you know. Take a double dose of the oxy and see what happens.

    At any rate, you need to get back with your doc and discuss a more effective dose of pain medication. While you're at it, ask for a script for ditropan 5mg. It is generally prescribed for bladder spasms, but it also stops the insane sweating for most people.

    Good luck to you. In all honesty, when my leg was at its worst, I felt so much more disabled than ever. It screwed with my entire life, made my transfers difficult and dangerous, turned sex into a wrestling match and made it dangerous for me to drive. I hope you find competent care. It was actually a neurologist who diagnosed my problem, so maybe one could help you also...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flicka View Post
    Take a double dose of the oxy and see what happens.
    NOT a good idea! Take the prescribed dose. Recommending someone double their painkiller dose is very dangerous, you do not know their sensitivity or what other medications they are on and you could cause a reaction that could be downright deadly by supressing the central nervous system and causing failure of the respiratory system.

    In addition, the poster mentions he stopped taking it. If you were to recommend someone take a double dose when they've been off the medication for a while you can cause an overdose since their body is no longer adjusted to the dosage. This is a frequent way addicts accidentally kill themselves, they get clean and then when they relapse they take the same doses they used to take but without the tolerance their body cannot handle it.

    Charlie: Did you discuss stopping the oxy with your Dr? Depending on your dosage or how long you've been on it you could actually be triggering withdrawal in your body from stopping cold turkey. This can make you feel even worse, so make sure you're keeping that discussion line open with your doc.
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    Agreed. Do NOT take a double dose of Oxy or anything else. It could be playing with disaster.

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    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. My friend who is a c5/6 broke his hip falling and had to be put on heavy pain medications also. He had pretty severe sweats. I can't recall how long it took for his hip to heal, but I will get back to you if I get a chance to ask him.

    I agree with Lin. Definitely discuss dosages with your doctor, whether it being stopping the medication, or possibly increasing the medication. Maybe he can prescribe a different medication. Stopping cold turkey can cause detox effects, which can be pretty serious and intense.

    In terms of pinpointing the cause of A/D sweats, for me, it comes down to 3 things, my bowels, my bladder, and pain below my level of injury. So if I get that feeling I check the possible causes.

    If I've taken care of my bowels recently then I know that isn't the cause unless I had food poisoning or sense diarhea. Or if I've irritated my bowels during the process, then I just have to let it subside.

    For my bladder I void reflexively, so I check to make sure my leg bag/ night bag is draining properly, sometimes the pressure inside the bag prevents proper drainage. I also check my external catheter to make sure it hasn't "sealed" on itself. I notice that if I eat a lot of salty foods, I might get a slight dysreflexia feeling when I void. I also check my urine to see if it is cloudy or has a bad odor, signs of UTI.

    Last possibility is pain below my level of injury. I have a complete C-7 injury, but have some "sense" of feeling. If I'm having a dysreflexic moment and push on different areas, the dysreflexic feeling will get more intense near the cause. I also double check my skin for any possible issues. Some examples I've experienced are a bent back toe nail, bad stomach cramps from food poisoning, a full bladder, and a cramped calf muscle.

    I suspect the A/D you are experiencing is from your healing hip, but you did mention your distended stomach, so there may be something else going on. Eileen mentioned ditropan. Definitely discuss that with your urologist or rehab doctor. From personal experience, that was actually the drug that triggered my first incident of A/D when rehab was trying to get down a bladder routine. It reduced my bladder spasms that I needed to void and my bladder wouldn't empty on it's own, thus causing the episode.

    In the evening, different sleeping positions may help. My friend rested in bed most of the time when he broke his hip.

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    You need to discuss this. Also taking larger and larger doses and more frequent can lead to addiction. The opiods seem to stop working over time and you need more and more and then...??? So.. for a long term problem you need to look for other answers. Is there anything else you could use like a NSAID- Naproxen or Ibuprofen,Lidocaine patch/cream or Gabapentin/Pregabalin- or something that might ease the pain and you can take with the narcotic.

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    Hello all, it's Michelle I'm here with Charlie in the hospital, he's pretty grumpy and asleep so I thought I'd give you an update. We came on down to the ER yesterday and have to say staff and hospital is very nice - but seem to have zero clue, they are running lots of tests (which is a bonus), hip is not dislocated so that's good, we are waiting on results of a CT scan of his stomach and then all we have left to rule out seems to be an infection - still no signs of that doctor. Other than this it seems he's left with finding the right pain meds. for a while (ones that don't send make him crazy) and due to tightness he's considering baclofen again. Will check in later. Nite.

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    Charlie's post from yesterday sounded like classic discontinuation syndrome from abruptly stopping the oxycontin. Keep track of what medications they're starting/stopping, dosages, interactions and discontinuation syndromes. The docs may not keep track. Glad to know it's not a broken hip. Hope he gets feeling better.

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    Check for bladder infection. That can cause serious sweating.

    I used to sweat so bad it would drip off my chin, soak my bed and pillow, shirt during the day. For me, exercising was the only cure of sweating. If I keep blood circulation high, I feel great. I haven't had those sweats for years. The only time I become even a little moist, is when my bladder is full.

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