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Thread: Show off your "pet"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Great pics Ptarzan, although the second one looks like an impression of "Basement Cat" from "I can haz cheeseburger."
    That's so funny. I just looked that up, and you're absolutely right.
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    been enjoying the pet pic's... thought i'd put a couple out of a 3 year old cocker, Smokey who run's my house.

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    Lemmy, my mutt:
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    God I love all these pics..and geez we all have some nice looking animals and digs! Todd love that couch!
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    Happy you got those pictures through ptarzan. We had a black cat 19 years and it was always hard to get a good picture of her. Yours are excellent and love the contrast of peace and.......craziness.
    Todd, what a sweet pooch.
    Thanks EVERYONE for the lovely pictures. Our pets make us better people.

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    It is nearly impossible to take a nice pic of a black cat. My black one is much cuter in reallity than on the pictures I have of her.
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    Here is my companion in his carry basket after helping to pick out his veggies at farmers market. Not exactly a dog or a cat but a very sweet companion all the same.
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    A hamster (maybe Guinea Pig?) and lettuce........heaven! Very cute.

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    My cat just loves two play with my dogs tail
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