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Thread: Show off your "pet"

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    We have a light whispering of snow here on the MN /ND border.
    I never get tired of seeing pet pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Wolves can't pee their names in da snow.
    well i can honestly say, i've never been desirous of peeing my name in the snow i'm def happy i'm a female, gawd you wolves/vampires, uh i mean men and ur habits

    op: sorry of the defiling of ur thread somewhat, its the wolves fault really, they can't help themselves

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    I'll try to dig up a picture of my last dog, Bear, a sheltie. My first dog was named Bear, too, and 2 dogs in between, all shelties - in honor of the first. I can't find any pictures of my first Bear, they disappeared when I was injured.

    He was stolen from me when I went into a 7-11. Someone reached into my car and snagged him and took off.

    Bear had climbed mountains with me, fished creeks all day long with me, camped out for weeks at a time, just him and me, chased off real bears and cougars, and he was very intelligent. Black and tan with a white chest, underbelly and forepaws, a beautiful dog, but tough, too. I miss him to this day, and every other sheltie I owned. A little guy with a loving soul. (sniff)
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    I only wish I could still pee my name in the snow!

    Here is a video of my dog, Sky, in action."
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    Quote Originally Posted by sherocksandsherolls View Post
    would you prefer a wolfe, a lion, or a vampire ?? I vote Lion!

    A wolfe and a vampire both suck the blood right out and leave a carcass layin' least you can tame a lion with a whip
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    Here is my cat, Samson, he is 3/4 Norwegian Forest cat

    My black kitten was found in the street some years ago, she is so funny and sleeps in my bed every night.

    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I think one can still pee there name in the snow with a cath. Hell even you girls could do that. Now that would be a sight for sore eyes, to come up on. A women with her back to you, sparing her name in the snow. An AB person would be totally amazed. But more animal Pic. please
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    My "Kids"

    My co-dependent, cuddly cats. Zoe - this is how she sleeps on my lap.
    Attachment 42716

    Attachment 42717

    My niece's doc Linc with her son Gaige - best buddies!
    Attachment 42719
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    this is stanley with chad.... crap, this was the wrong picture I uploaded, this one has chad looking like a sourpuss! Never mind the look on his face!!
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    Great pics everyone! No snow here (yet) so I am not depressed, but a pic of a beloved pet always puts a smile on my face!

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