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Thread: Which Perfume for My Mom?

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    Which Perfume for My Mom?

    My mom's birthday is on the 17th of this month. She just wants cash so she can go shopping with my sister, haha. But I'd like to get her some perfume so she can have something to open on her b-day. Can any of you recommend a nice fragrance for her? The floral powder type of smelling stuff matches her well and it'll be her 60th b-day, if that helps to narrow down some specific perfumes. Thank you!

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    Maybe "White Diamonds" would be what you're looking for. It's pretty readily available too.

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    Chanel No. 5

    Chanel No. 5.

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    There's a very cool Canadian company that sells a perfume made of orange blossom oil from Afghanistan - you can see the story here:

    I got my sister some for Christmas, and it's the nicest perfume I've ever come across.

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    Yikes...That is so hard because some body chemisty doens't match with some perfumes. My perfume smells awesome on me but it smells like mold on my step daughter. Her perfume smells great on her but smells like sour cream on me....I would get her something else to open and put a gift card in with it so she can buy her own perfume. A lot of women are very particular about their smells. Does she like manicures and pedicures? I recently got my mom this fancy cake pan that she had been wanting and put some recipes for cakes in the pan. It's paid off for me as well because I get to eat the cake that she makes.......Just a thought. Good luck with your mom's present. I always get stressed buy other people stuff.
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    Blvgari Jasmin Noir

    My absolute favorite. Jasmine is very classy, not overpowering.

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    Yup I'm with offroaderswife on this - perfume is pretty hard to buy someone else unless you're buying a brand you know she loves and are just replenishing her supply. What if she hates it - if she's like most Moms she'll say she loves it and then it will just sit there collecting dust which would be sad especially if it's expensive !

    I'd vote for something you know for sure she'll enjoy - use your imagination 60's not that old. Music?? Books?? A fancy shmancy housecoat

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    I wear Lancome Miracle. Love it!

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    I agree with offroaderswife and Obie - perfume is such a subjective preference, and one person's perception and skin chemistry might be the complete opposite of another's.

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    Well darn, mabey I shouldn't go with perfume as a gift. To be safe.

    I recognise some of these perfumes, and they do have a nice smell to them. But if my mom doesn't like them...

    Alrighty, thanks for the help, everyone. But I better go with a different gift idea.

    Thanks again.

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