My parents have 2 tables, one I can get under (dining room) the other I can’t (back porch) to eat at whenever I am at their house.

Asked long time ago to eat Christmas Eve dinner in the dining room and they said yes. Don’t know if it was because I brought a date that year but the next time I asked they said no.

This year I brought it up and they told me no, they can “feed me at another table”. Mom, Dad, brother and Sister in law eat at their table, I'll eat by myself in another room.

Don’t really care the front porch and front door threshold I have to pop wheelies to get through, but the bathroom is huge and covered with the back yard.

Am I missing something but isn’t the idea of a holiday meal (Thanksgiving) is to share a meal and eating in two different rooms defeats the purpose? Didn't go last year (Had a broken leg) don't know what to do, he's 87 she is 78 and I feel guilty.