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Thread: UTI Relief for my dad

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    Supra Pubic catheter is completely reversible, and heals when it is removed (or so says my last Urologist.) It may give your father time for his UTIs clear up.

    Have you considered the possibility that your father may have an infection father up in his anatomy? For example, a Kidney infection is much harder to nail than a UTI. You may be on too short of doses of antibiotic...nailing the infection in the Urinary Tract, but not getting the Kidney infection... (personal experience.)

    Also, the reason that the cranberry may not be changes the PH or your urine making it unhospitable to infection...but it won't touch a kidney infection.

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    There is another option, but most lower spinal cord injured are usually not very interested in it. In addition to the other suggestions on this thread, have your father talk to his urologist about a supra pubic catheter (SPC). There are many threads about SPC for your study on this website.

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    Should be checked for bladder stones, also. They lead to frequent UTIs.
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    The doctors have concluded after running all their tests it is another UTI. He caths 4-6 times daily. He's experienced both recurrence and relapse over the course of the past couple of years. Think this bout is a relapse because he had only been out of the hospital for about 2 weeks and then right back in. Starts his 6-week IV ABX today. Am very concerned about the negative effects the ABX can/will have on him. Gotta break this cycle somehow.

    I know he follows a daily regimine of balanced diet along with vitamins, water, juice, etc. Not sure that his daily intake of water is enough. But I know he likes his coffee too. Decaf, but nonetheless, its still coffee. Don't know if that could be having negative effect or not.

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