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Thread: quad quick release axles

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    quad quick release axles

    Hi guys, is there some place where i can buy a complet axle for quads, or i have to buy the buttons and adapt them to a axles?
    quickie just offer quad axle for magnesium wheels, i don`t understand why not for Spinergys too, that`s stupid.

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    I use those Quickie nuts on my Lasher with Spinergy LX wheels to ease wheel removal for transfers into my summer car. You will have to put something like this ( between them and the outside bearing so the release handle doesn't rub on the Spinergy hub. If you don't they will make a slight noise as they rub together when pushing.

    And yes, you will have to replace the axle nut on small button axles with the quad release - no one sells them complete.

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