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Thread: Hey, does anyone know...

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    Lol, saw more ugg spam this morning. Funny, I don't recall seeing any Timberland spam.
    I don't understand why this board is spammed harder than any other board I know. I'm on another massive message board (bigger than CC), and don't see spam there, or incredibly rarely.

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    We've got "deals" on Timberland, UGGs, and Canadian Goose Down. A few from Northface! Throw in the occasonal porn site, plumbers, car services, and illegal drugs. CareCure, your best shopping site with all the rich users here!!!

    Most of these are spam-bots. One reason we have so many spammers is that it is so amazingly easy to register here. No profile is required, and even if someone puts in a profile, it will accept total gibberish. There is no requirement to verify that the registrant is a human being, and Dr. Young does not want to require anything that would make it more difficult for PWD to join.

    Please help the moderators by NOT responding to spam. When you do, it makes it more difficult to find and get rid of, and it causes old dead threads to be reactivated inappropriately.

    Personally, I spend hours daily dealing with spam even on the weeks when I am not serving as SCI-Nurse, and it cuts severely into the time that Dr. Young has to respond to to questions here as well.


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    the spam has been bruta. I hate the ones that hit every forum and every thread.

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    Smile Uggs go away lmao

    Jody Theyre boneheads
    lol very silly and overpopulating
    I rather stick their stupid Uggg heads up their ol wazooo

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    I only want to say that I wantet to buy Timberland booths last year and the year before and it is impossible to get them on. So I would never buy them on net without trying to put them on. I have two pair of UGGs that I bought two years ago and they easy to put on.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Thumbs up OOOoh Ok

    Lol Are ya all tryin to punish me with these Ugg posts ?

    KLD plz help me out of my misery
    I know how much you and me like Uggg boots
    NOT lol

    Everyone for the record !!!!

    First of all I dont walk or need these for any practicality ...

    Jody help me

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    Um, you throw in a pair of Uggs with that dinner and the answer is "yes".
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    When it was one after another posting new or old threads, I just used to ban them and then leave a message in the mod forum so Wise/Steven would know what I did. Then just move their crap from their profile page (find all posts by xxx) in one fell swoop to the hard deleted forum.
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