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Thread: So who remembers this song?

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    So who remembers this song?

    I picked up my RV yesterday. So I will be leaving on my journey in the next few days. I am loading everything today.

    I have learned alot this year about resilience and the human heart.
    I have been at my worst ever this year and that was before Larry and moving to Virginia. I was happy there for a while.

    I had given up literally on everything when I came back to North Carolina. I know we all go there occasionally. But I usually or have never went there this bad. It takes alot of pride and courage to accept defeat and in a fleeting moment...I accepted it and I quit. I guess I am just that hardheaded. I have had so many thoughts of "why am I even here?"

    So I am beginning on a new journey today alone with Harley. Because I need to know that I am resilient, strong, and alive again. Happiness is doesn't just happen.
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    Your RV looks wonderful. Blessings to you and Harley on your journey - may every day bring you the joys of discovery, and delight in your new location.

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    I have never known anyone who moved so much in their life - but here's to many happy adventures!
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    As the Irish say, "May the road rise up to meet you...." Great RV. Enjoy your travels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    I have never known anyone who moved so much in their life - but here's to many happy adventures!

    I was thinking the same thing. Wishing you safe travels.
    Yes, I remember the song well.

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    DD, To happy trails,

    All the best,

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    Oh, thanks a lot.

    Now I got that stupid song stuck in my head and it will be rolling around in there all day.

    I am saving to buy an RV next summer if I don't get sidetracked by a terrible winter that requires me to take a vacation in some warm caribbean place. I hope you will have fun in the RV. They can be a lot of fun. My parents bought one similar to that in the early '70s. Our biggest family trip was from Portland Oregon to LA California and back. It was a blast.
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    i think it's going to be an AWESOME journey! I love your RV. I think it's really exciting, there is nothing like a new beginning. I'd love to be doing it myself, happy trails

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    I remember this one. What more can I say. Wishing you the best.

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    I remember both songs well - whenever I watched the Roy Rodgers show and the end came and the song came on my Mom tells me I would cry and cry because it made me so sad

    I remember the Boo song too - safe journeys DD !

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