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Thread: Edema again

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    Diet? Salt and carbonated beverages do a number for me in swelling.
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    what does the rash look like? is it painful? very red? I wonder about cellulitis.

    take extra care when your feet are up, that you dont get a sore on your tail bone. they are hard to heal.

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    Dear XSFXSF,

    For 2 years I had swelling and rashes too. My Dr said it had to do with menopause (Dr is another story, I am looking for another one) regardless It drove me nuts and I mean they looked like tree stumps. I researched and found a product called Padma Basic, it is a Tibition herbal formula for vascuplar health. I started that and all my swelling is gone..........I was excited to see veins in my feet again and my blood pressure is awesome 110-120 over 70-80, have been using for 6 month now. In Europe and China these use it to regulate blood pressure as a perscription.

    You may like to research it for yourself. I don't move well due to MS and probably have reduced circulation from too much sitting, but this herbal blend has worked wonders for me.

    Best wishes.
    Best Regards,

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    Oops, forgot to mention I do not use added salt and eat a non processed diet too. Which I was doing when the swelling started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsfxsf View Post
    The bad news is that it is apparently very tough to eliminate the edema completely. I would have to get very expensive, fancy stockings or some complex device. I am probably too lazy for that. She also said that it doesn't really matter that I cannot wear shoes any more because it probably would not be safe for me to wear most shoes since they might cause sores (I was sick of wearing these huge slippers).
    I had pretty much resigned myself to wearing nothing but these ugly slippers permanently that I was always self-conscious about but I couldn't fit my foot into a regular shoe. I recently found these and purchased them even though they are expensive. The compression delivered by my new 20-30mmhg knee high Sigvaris stockings and these boots has resulted in my legs and ankles returning to a near but not quite normal size. To be quite honest you wouldn't know they were sheepskin boots with long pants on and I can pretty much wear them anywhere whilst delivering excellent pressure relief. My doctor did indeed diagnose the rash as stasis dermatitis as suggested, however it has all but disappeared even at this early stage of the swelling going down.

    I have no financial interest in the company mentioned above.

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    Check that the edema isn't a medication side effect.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Diet? Salt and carbonated beverages do a number for me in swelling.
    Like Lynnifer asked, what is your diet like? I limit the salt, carbs and caffeine in my diet. This has helped my feet to stay normal looking and I can wear any shoe I want.

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    Eating dairy makes my feet look like water balloons. No dairy= Almost no swelling. I also put 2 or 3" blocks under the legs at the foot of my bed to raise it up a little; that was enough for me.

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    I have no doubt that diet can affect the amount of fluid retention as evidenced by some of the posts here, in particular salt. I do however think in some cases it is the luck of the draw. I have a friend who was injured the same time as me 25 years ago who has never suffered from swelling. Stays up much later than me and for many years had a very unhealthy diet, much more so than myself. Unfortunately for me even as a fit 18-year-old at the time of my accident my feet immediately started swelling if in the chair for a substantial period of time. In saying that, it was suggested that medication may play a factor and I suppose this could have been the difference, I did however go for a substantial period of time without medication at all with no noticeable difference to the oedema. I guess I'm just saying I believe some people are more prone to oedema than others purely because of their physical make up.

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