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Thread: Recently received new chair... with NO front end taper

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    Thumbs down Recently received new chair... with NO front end taper

    I know I asked for the front end to be tapered in. Every chair I've ever had has had it.

    When the chair was delivered, I noticed it but I still signed off the paperwork because what can I do? Besides, it will probably grow on me and not make much difference.

    It's been close to 2 weeks now and every day it bothers me a bit. Again, in time it will pass, I'm sure..

    I guess the point of this post isn't to rant and bemoan my situation, but to ask if I have any options at this point? Should I call the company that fit me and ..... do what exactly?

    I'll probably be stuck with this chair for nearly 5 years unless I pay out of pocket for a new one. Which brings up the point that I did not have to pay anything for this chair. Thankfully I've got pretty good insurance. So I should just be grateful...

    Its a TiLite ZRA2. Pretty sweet chair, and the rest of the fitting is excellent. It's just that without the taper the front casters are out as wide as the rear tires (accessibility issues, have to take corners wider, worse turning radius, etc), and well... it looks retarded in my opinion.

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    shouldn't have signed for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    bring the specs in and tell them that it is not what you ordered they may be able to send it back and have them remake it.
    this is exactly what I did. it'll take a while (still waiting for mine too) but hopefully in the end you'll get what you were told you were getting.
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    Same thing happened to me. I told them that I didn't like it but that I would try it. After they left I thought about it more and decided that I wasn't going to stand for it. I didn't use the chair anymore after the first day. They decided they wouldn't pay for their mistake so I called insurance and filed a claim. They said it was between me and the company. I fought with them for over a year and finally I filed a BBB claim and they called me within 10 and said they would make it right if I deleted the BBB claim. I recieved my new corrected ZRA in September and love it. I updated the BBB with a good comment and all is well. It's worth a shot.
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    the problem with this is that the tilite order form appears to say you are getting taper when you arent (it mentions inside and outside frame widths) so unfortunately if you let some idiot dealer write out the form for you, hell probably breeze past the explanation, and order what you dont want. that would make it his fault, not tilites, as they are fulfilling the order as written...

    tilite really needs to untangle some of its forms.

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    going through he same thing and they are getting really mad at me because I will not accept the chair end of story. they screwed up not me.

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    you can read through the forms on the tilite website. if whoevers filling in the form doesnt read it properly, it can look (to them) as though theyre ordering a 2.5" taper, when in fact they are specifically ordering no taper. if you can get/find a copy of the form they sent in on your behalf, then you can verify whether or not the dealer actually wrote what you asked for. if he did, its tilites fault. if not (very easily done by someone who isnt paying the proper attention), its the dealers fault. tilite arent going to pay out for a new frame to replace one that was ordered incorrectly.

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    Highlights the importance of getting a CAD drawing and looking it over in detail prior to signing off on the build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    Highlights the importance of getting a CAD drawing and looking it over in detail prior to signing off on the build.
    some dealers sign off and never let you see the CAD. When my ZR2 was wrong, not even my DME I dealt with had seen CAD. One of their other stores had signed off and Tilite was a pain in the ass to deal with, they wouldn't send him another and the original wasn't saved. It's B.S. they won't let the end user get their own via e-mail, not like it's that hard to pull up on a computer, the fee is stupid.

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    same thing happened on my zra. i called the dme 4 days after ordering since tilite wouldn't even talk to me without going thru the dme, which is totally bullshit if you ask me. i had the order # and everything. that's just WRONG. i called the dme but apparently he waited too long or just didn't change my footrest order at all.

    they told me i could order the piece with the sides that stick up. but why when the tilite rep could've changed it right there on the phone before it was too late, huh???????????

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