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Thread: Treating Concussions

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    Treating Concussions

    My friend got into a car accident about four days ago and I think she has a concussion. I've been trying to research online for a while about how to treat a concussion, but everything keeps saying to tell a doctor.
    She's going to see a doctor, but I'm looking for some answers right now too. Does anybody know anything?
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    There is no specific treatment for concussion, other than to have an examination and tests to be sure that no space occupying lesion has also occurred (such as brain hemorrhage or hematoma). Rest and time will be needed for recovery, which often takes 6 months or more.

    I would strongly recommend that she see a neurologist, not just her PCP (internist, GP or family practice doctor) for this evaluation.

    Meanwhile, it will be important for her, her family and friends, and her employer to understand that post-concussion syndrome is very real, and needs accomodation and understanding by all to aid in her recovery.

    Here is some information you can share with her:


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    Thank you so much! These actually make me feel a little more comfortable. I'm going to read more into them tonight. I actually have one more question.

    On her right cheek under eye is a really sensitive spot. It doesn't look bruised, but it was swollen for a couple days after her accident. When anything touches or brushes it she says it hurts a lot like a shooting pain that goes behind her eye and in the back of her head. Is that what a hematoma is?
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    No, a hematoma is a blood clot.

    It sounds like she may have fractured her cheekbone. Did she have any Xrays or examinations immediately after the accident??


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    That's what she thought too, I'm glad that's not what a hematoma is then. At least a fracture will heal. She hasn't had any examinations or x-rays, but she's going to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get looked at. She should've gone the day after the accident if anything, but it was at 12:30am so I kept her awake for a while before she went to sleep at about 2:30.

    Thank you so much, I'm still worried about her, but I'm much more at ease than I was before.
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    I am sorry for banning you. However, you are sharing an IP address with several people who registered, don't have spinal cord injury, and posted short and relatively meaningless posts. I have lifted the bans on your registration and IP address.

    Regarding your friend, where is she being taken care of? She did not go to a hospital? Most emergency rooms would or should get a skull x-ray on a person who many have had a concussion in a car accident. She needs the skull x-ray to rule out cheek and orbital fractures, as well as other fractures. She did not have a period of amnesia (memory loss of events that preceded the accident) or loss of consciousness?

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    Harpinche, having had a concussion twice and having received medication once, I can tell you that these can take a long time to "heal." I saw a neurologist, which is probably what will be recommended for symptoms. I think as Wise Young states, if there aren't any immediate signs of danger, she should probably be OK. For me, it was dizzyness, some headaches, etc. and it lasted for several weeks. Also had difficulties with seeing things clearly without feeling self conscious. The medication didn't help at all. Took me at least 6 months to be back to something more "normal." Good luck with your daughter. It seems like the signs of a caring parent and hope that is all it turns out to be.

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