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Thread: pain patches

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    pain patches

    can you take off a pain patch and scratch an itch ?
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    no, it won't re-stick.
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    nope, as sjean said it won't stick after that. You can try to scratch the itch through the patch though. But if you take it off, you'd have to use medical tape to put it back on. And I'm not sure how the transdermal delivery of the medication would be affected so I wouldn't risk it.
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    Tagaderm patch

    Quote Originally Posted by razzle51 View Post
    can you take off a pain patch and scratch an itch ?
    I used to use fentanl pain patches and since i have above average oily skin had to use tagaderm patches over the pain patch or it would fall off in the middle of the night as i rolled around in bed, might work for you after peeling an edge to scratch that itch... Maybe there is a bigger issue of skin irritation from the pain patch? BUT they are about impossible to re-stick once removed when i first tried them the dose was to high so i peeled a corner and covered half the patch with scotch tape so there was a smaller area of skin contact it worked until i could get a lower dosed patch..

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    No u can not, try to scratch the itch by scratching the top of the patch as best as u can.

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    I must be allergic to the fentanyl but probably moreso the adhesive. I hated those things. They always itched and when I scratched through them they would loosen up and fall off. I'm sure I even scratched them off in my sleep. I used duct tape to reapply them with. With the Duragesic brand and I think its generic brand you can order (for free) special adhesive stick-ons. Or buy certain types of adhesive stick-ons that supposedly work. I think they're made up of a sticky breathable membrane.

    On the box it says if they fall off to tell your doctor and get it replaced. Yeah, like my doctor is gonna do that! I'd be getting double the script because most of them would fall off. Especially if they're prescribed for every 3 days as recommended by the manufacturer. Later my doctor prescribed them for every 2 days. I once found one stuck to my wheelchair tire. And several times found them in my bed and stuck to a sheet or blanket.

    I would get rectangular red raised patches on my skin that would last for about 2 weeks. I swear- I started to look like a damn quilt. From my shoulders to almost my knees I had those red raised patches... what a sight.

    I asked my doctor if I could place them below my injury level (T4) and he said it was fine to do so. I asked him more than once because I really didn't believe him.... I don't think he is SCI savvy enough but maybe he is and he was right. I thought that if you couldn't sweat in an area, how is the medication supposed to enter your body? My sweat glands are all closed up below my injury level if they even exist anymore!

    Not that I'm ever going to use them again but does anyone know if they work (the medication is absorbed) where your sweat glands don't- like below most of our injury levels?

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