I am coming up on 7 years since my injury, I am a low injury T- 11 paraplegic. Jake and I had barely been together a year when I was injured, we were seniors in college when it happened still living in the dorms. I thought for sure that our relationship would be quickly over. Jake and I will celebrate 8 years together come the end of November and he has been helping with my care from the very beginning. Even though I can do a lot on my own and am hugely thankful for that -- I still need some help with certain tasks. Jake and I lived with my family during the first year which meant my Mom and Jake helped me through the worst, and the learning period. Jake has been my sole caregiver for the last 7 years... doing just about everything at some points, even changing would dressings with a wound vac for the good part of a year. He would rather do all of my care then not do it--he honestly doesn't trust anyone except maybe my own Mom to help me or take care of me-- we have attempted to have PCA and they wouldn't show, or were more trouble when then they were worth when they did. Jake and I had to learn how to compartmentalize our relationship and to be respectful of one another. If I treated him like an employee or he treated me like a patient it wouldn't work. He cares for me more then anyone in my life and I care for him as well. I know he has vested interest in my health and that makes both of us comfortable. I also have a vested interested in his health and well- being and respect what he does for me daily. We make sure he has time to himself, has a place to blowoff steam and we do activities together as a couple when we can. He works out, spends time with friends, and also works outside the home to get some separation from me as well. We are only lucky enough for this to work because I don't need constant care and because we respect each other to know when we need a break. We talk often about where we are or if one is feeling overwhelmed. I think if your going to be a caregiver or be the one taken care of by a spouse or significant other you really need good communication, and also separate things to do to blow off steam. Do I think a spouse or family being someone full time caregiver is always a good idea --absolutely No but it can work and be wonderful for both parties.