I used a Jay2 for as long as I can remember, but now I'm tilting to the left, and it's not good for that ischial. Every cushion I was mapped on showed lots of pressure on both ischials, so I don't put much faith in pressure mapping. So I sat in a demo Ride, and it straightened me out and kept my ischials from taking any pressure; pressure is offloaded to my thighs and the back of my butt. I was fitted with a mold, and they sent it in. Said it'd be up to 6 weeks, and it's probably $1400, but it's worth it. I felt good in it, felt like I was finally sitting level again, and it helped my posture.

Good luck, but don't put all your eggs in the pressure mapping basket. At the University of Iowa, the seating clinic people don't even use pressure mapping, they claim it's useless...I tend to agree with 'em.

Now I'm in Montana, and they also don't have faith in pressure mapping, although they will map you if you request it.