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Thread: Sturdy Winter Gloves?

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    Sturdy Winter Gloves?

    Is there a place online to order some good gloves? I've never been able to find some GOOD winter gloves that hold up to the canadian winter. It has to do well in the cold/water/melted snow.
    Lyniffer, what do you order?
    other snow-dwelling residents?

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    wow, this looks awesome, anyone order from here before?
    water and cold resistant and under 50$ as far as I can see, hopefully they ship here

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    Lynnifer did put out some gloves from sealskinz. I don't have the link, only the link to the shop in Norway so you better try google because she had the link to the Canadian Shop.

    I use to buy children gloves, hot with plastic in the palms, I can use the biggest children size because I like the gloves to be tight. But honestly, I prefer mittens.
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    I haven't purchased them yet because I found some old leather gloves in my closet from last year ... but 'seal skinz' is what I'm going to try next and they're available on
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    seal skinz dont hold up very long,unless you cover them use as a liner , i doubt one day. they are very thin , they will hold up better, but if the outer gloves are soaked , the heat loss from water on outside and conduction from the metal is extreme
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    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    wow, this looks awesome, anyone order from here before?
    water and cold resistant and under 50$ as far as I can see, hopefully they ship here
    i have one of their work-gloves i bought in a hardware store. a $19.99 pir and i like their fit and feel i wear them at the gym too.
    i's try their water proof over seal skinz, sea skinz are very thin and don't last , plus if it is cold you need a glove on the outside,defeating everything.
    i didn't notice any 3m reflective tape built-in. There is a company that sells pull over day-glo and reflective taped gloves that will pull over the work gloves, they are half fingers with adj cuffs so they fit,i use them on my bike as an outer glove for safety dy and night. Google reflective safety work gloves it is also a good feature if the gloves have a soft nose wipe section on the cuff . last thing you want is a piece of rough velcro to wipe away the natural climate drippings
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    I bought a pair of gloves at Tractor Supply last winter that they don't seem to carry this year. They were black rubbery material with kind of a knurled texture on exterior. They had great grip even w ice and snow on pushrims plus some lining inside. They weren't completely waterproof but the super grip made up for that. Since I can't find these and the seams are giving out on the ones I bought last winter, I have shopped the ski glove sections at local sporting goods chains. I look for waterproof ski gloves w good flexibility plus palm and finger exterior material for good bonding and grip on pushrims. I have been disappointed shopping on line for gloves as they lie about gripping ability (for pushrim) and the sizing varies wildly.

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