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Thread: Supplements To Lose Weight/Burn Fat

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    I'm going the lower carbo eating. Sister diagnosed with diabetes recently and had much success with weight loss and better diabetes control. For me, I've been trying to lose about 5 pounds for a year (!) to improve my transfers, decided to try the 20 day no carb-fest. Have had almost no bread, pasta, rice, etc. for past two weeks. Also reading food labels like crazy and seeing so many carbs in products. Had pizza withdrawal symptoms, so scraped the toppings off - cheese and meat are low or no carb.
    I do not feel "stuffed" after eating, and don't go around feeling hungry. We're a two para family and have a wheel-onto scale - hubby will help me get weighed this coming week. Hopefully, lost a pound or two. If I'm losing, will feel free to add some carbs, but I really like the no bread part and will continue that.

    Must confess I don't agree with taking any supplements to burn fat. I don't know if you're after weight loss or dealing with cholesterol issues?
    (Due to shoulder issues I'm unable to do much exercise other than stretching).

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    Supplement your routine with some exercise - works wonders!

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    B12 is a good supplement. I'd avoid the rest. Nothing is a magic pill, unfortunately. I've been waiting impatiently! lol
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    Just an addition to my post: Got weighed yesterday and lost 3 pounds after about 16 days of almost no carbs. Plan to continue but will increase a bit from the 20 per day.

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    What you're describing here is the so called ketone diet. I would suggest you avoid keto diet as this is an extreme diet.
    My suggestion is that you follow this advice - eat 20% less than your body burns per day so that you create a calorie deficit and you force your organism to obtain missing energy from fat tissue - this is your energy reserve. It's difficult to measure how much your body burns per day but a good approximation would be using a basal metabolic rate (bmr) calculator. Simply input your values and it will calculate your daily calorie consumption. The calculation of course is not 100% accurate and some trial and error is needed to obtain a proper value. Eat at bmr and see if you lose weight. If you're not than you should lower your calorie intake to the point that you start losing weight.

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    Thanks for the calculator reference. I really like this "diet" that doesn't feel like a diet. It's great to not feel stuffed when the bread and pasta are ditched. Fast food - I dump the bread and eat the burger and cheese. I'm not strict about this, but hope to continue. The portion control plan didn't work too well for me.

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    Losing weight is a big issue for all of us that have experienced spinal cord injury. Exercise and diet is great; however the number one way to lose weight in my experience is the complete removal of sugar from your diet If you are on able to eliminate sugar from your diet try to limit yourself to only 12 grams per day you, will see a notable difference within 30 days, but you must also be active.

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