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Thread: Going to see a specialist

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    Post Going to see a specialist

    I dont know if the plate or something in my upper neck is loose but my neck has been killing me and I been putting up with this pain for a long time Now when I rest my hed on the pillow I really feel like shi_

    Finally I am brave enough to see my physician and then hopefully get a full spinal back x ray / MRI hopefully sometime this week .

    I feel like somethings are out of place in my back

    It has been incapacitating me for a few months but I am at witts end

    Personally I am very scared and hope that something shows up because I do not know what to do

    The pain in my neck is horrible I am in extreme pain my head is killing me . The big lump in my back / neck spine is the primary region C1 I think it is ....
    I feel like crying

    Anyway's I told my Fianc'e that I need to go to the hospital in a few day's

    Sorry for my writing but this is the properforum for me to write about my pain

    Thank you
    Any ideas are appreciated
    Sincerely ;

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    Sorry you are hurting, and wishing you good luck when you have it checked out.

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    I'm glad you're going to have those symptoms assessed, and hope that the specialist will be able to discover what's going on - and be able to treat it, so that you can have some relief.

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    good luck GL. You are one tough gal with all you have been through. Keep fighting the good fight. Maybe the hardware has to come out if it is loose, I don't know....let us know

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    Judy, I hope there is an easy fix and you get some pain relief.

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    Hi Judy, It is scary, but you eed to find out what is wrong. Keep us posted.
    You are one tough chickie.

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