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Thread: On my Way

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    i can get on a treadmil but bc my right leg is weaker than my right, my gait is off. my right hip does all the work! i currently have no lift in my toes on each foot so it makes walking a lot, or far, difficult. my nerves will come back but bc my toes are the furthest from the spine, it might take longer than i want.

    what other things do you do to get strong? I have strong legs but they're all flabby, compared to how muscular they used to be. then theres the staying much do you do everyday? do you work on it everyday? how long!!?

    A nurse on here really opened my eyes at how much biofeedback may not be necessary. After I had 3 accidents in public within an hour the other day, I'm discouraged, its just taking its time to return! I go to see a 2nd urologist on tuesday, the first one gave my Vesicare and said i'd be taking it for life (didn't like his attitude).

    Last night I went and saw Joel Osteen speak in downtown Orlando. It was awesome, I feel like a completely new person today, but it the same body. I woke up today thankful to be alive...knowing that day by day things are getting better - just have to give it time. God will act when he is ready.
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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    I have a bioness brace for sale.. its a meduim.. for the left leg..

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    Hi there...Im new to this forum idea...Ive been to this site before but decided today to join. Im currently doing intense therapy workouts to re gain the musles mass ive lost in my legs, gluets, quads and back. The key muscles one needs to stand. Ive been doing this therapy since the end of January 2012. It is exhausting and expensive to say the least and takes some time away from my 2 boys but I have already seen much progress and it excites me. Of course there are discouraging days where you wonder...when will I walk, what will it be like.. Id like to know if there is anyone out there that is also the same as me in regards to injury level, time since injury and is working out intensly to re create the muscles. Just wondering what kind of success you're having. Im 37 years old. Im a T12 level of injury. I was injured 7 months ago. Looking forward to hearing from you !


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