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Thread: It needed its own thread

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    It needed its own thread

    I thought this was too funny to be left behind in another thread. Some of those interactions are hilarious. I can't even pick a true favorite because some are that ridiculously brilliant.

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    I loved the one about the girls list of boys to 'do'. I think that family is going to be spending some quality time together with both of those kids on house arrest for the next ten years.

    I also thought davids finest fail was funny. Foot in mouth to be sure.
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    LoL, that's awesome. I love how Katie has a deadline of the dudes she plans on banging but I couldn't make out what v-card is? HJ I assume is handjob? My 44 year old eyes suck and it was hard to make out some of these posts.

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    v-card = vagina card = sex?
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    Those are great!

    I find with the younger generation it seems to be about quantity not quality. lol
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    Loved the airhead posting about her job while her boss is on her friend list. Duh....

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    'V-card' = virginity - as in "giving up the v-card"; to lose one's virginity.

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    The last one was pure win...

    I :heart: facebook like you :heart: cock

    I may even start using facebook that was so funny...

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    I love them! From the idiot who shows his credit card to all of his friends, to the woman who gets fired for defaming her boss when he's on her friends list, to the mother who can't recognize her own son; I hope they update that.

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