BENT, in answer your question as to the cause of the eschemic sci injury, I'm not really sure if I even have eschemic injury, it is just one doctors guess. I had a cervical C6-7 fracture, but arms were not involved, loss of sensation at nipple line area, but only sharpness and temperature. I can feel touch just fine. I had a ruptured spleen and other internal injuries and had about 750cc of blood loss in the abdoman, and very little blood pressure when I arrived at ER. So I really am not sure if there was eschemic damage, and that is why I need to know if a good neuroradiologist can actually tell what kind damage to the cord there is and where the damage is located. Past myleograms amd mri don't show anything, except last mri in 1992, I noticed cord looked rather narrow between C7 and T-4 area.