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Thread: Kicked my sister out...

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    Kicked my sister out...

    For the first time in my life (I am 46) I kicked a family member out. I booked luxury hotel rooms for her until she returns back home (her flight is on Sat).
    My hubby is to blame. Every time he travels, he asks one family member to fly here so he can have peace of mind re: me (all 3 kids are out). Since my sister works for him, (and has for 25 years in spite of my requests that she look elsewhere), she is asked to come . I have told my hubby no less than 100 times that my sister does not help me. She just places me on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But, as with any other things I have told my husband, he does not listen. At all. So who shows up at the door the day my husband left one week ago? Yes, you guessed it. My sister.
    One week later, I could not stand it any more.
    My housekeeper put the garlic in the wrog drawer.
    My sister shows up with the garlic in my bedroom, where I am trying to concentrate to write a difficult paper. She brandishes the garlic and ghoes on and on and on.
    The next day, the housekeeper did not put clean napkins on the table.
    I patiently explain: "the housekeeper is a poor 60 year old woman from Ukraine who does the best she can to make a living"
    The next day, as I am trying to unwind, I am presented with a digital picture in my bed, of a tub, showing some hair in it. Yep, the housekeeper.
    Meanwhile, she cooks and does not clean after herself.
    I have 3 dogs. My favorite is a sweet chihuahua girl I adopted 11 years ago. She had been abused. She is now 16 years old.
    "That dog is gross"
    " It is a shame you love that dog more than your own mother" (???!!!!!)
    "I simply I am not touching that disgusting dog" (as she pushes her with her feet to move). Then proceeds to brush and give treats to the other two dogs.
    This is 0.05% of what I endured.
    Yesterday, after she made derogatory comments about teh dog: "your mother and I think you should be ashamed of loving that gross dog more than your family" I calmly said: pack your bags, I am making a reservation for you at the Marriott until your flight.
    She called my husband waking him up due to the time difference
    "Your wife is kicking me out and has said she loves the dog more than me" (I never said such a thing)
    I removed the phone from her hand and told my husband:
    "I am paying the Marriott with your credit card. I hope this time you get the message"
    My sister then apologized and said she felt guilty leaving (My health sucks)
    "Out" I said.
    Eventually she left.
    PEACE!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!

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    I don't know what to say after reading all that--except that very often family can be the most difficult of all people to deal with. I have been there myself and it is only relatively recently I have started being more assertive in dealing with things like attempted emotional manipulation and guilt-tripping at the hands of family.

    I am glad you kicked her out. It sounds like you really had no choice if you wanted to maintain your own sanity. Hopefully your husband will see things a bit more clearly now.

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    bravo!!! i'm glad you stood up for yourself, especially when she tried to be manipulative to your husband and make her sound like a victim. i hope things can go more smoothly with your husband.
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    So sorry that you had to do this, but it sounds justified. I hope your husband now will understand that sometimes it is preferable to be alone than to be with someone who drives you crazy.

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    Sorry you had to do that, it must have been difficult. I cam relate to having a hubby who thinks you can't stay alone. Mine goes into panic mode when that happens (my kids are all out now too).

    Hopefully he will get the message that you are good alone. I figure with the housekeeper there some of the time, and 911 in an emergency when she is not, you sound like you would be fine to me!

    (You can tell he we said so, lol.)
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    One for you! WHOO HOO!

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    Sistah, rock on. Sister, kiss our collective sistah-hood's ass!

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    Good for you!

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    Good for Cripply. Your dog and housekeeper are none of her business.

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    I say good for you as well!
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