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Thread: Michigan no fault reform bill

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    It is important that you vote for thr Supreme Court candidates on the Nonpartisan Section of the ballot. A stright party note is NOT enough for the Supreme Court justices, and will not result in your vote being cast for the Supreme Court.


    Thank you.

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    IT'S OVER!!! - MI. Legislators Adjourn!!!

    As you may have heard or read already, the MI. Legislators adjourned early this morning! While this legislative year will not officially end until December 31, 2012; it is highly unlikely that the legislators will return to Lansing.

    WE, THE PEOPLE were victorious in our fight to preserve Michigan's Auto No-Fault System during this legislative year! This absolutely will be one of the most notable stories of this legislature. Truly it is a David vs. Goliath story! Our fight to preserve No-Fault did what so many other issues failed to do; namely, create a cohesive coalition made up of Democrats and Republicans who simply would not yield to the pressures from the chairman of the Insurance Committee, the Speaker of the House, or the Governor's Office.

    WE, THE PEOPLE are you and the members of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, the Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council, the many Health Care Providers, and the members of 26 other coalitions who sustained this battle for one and a half years with letter writing campaigns, innumerable visits with legislators and their staff, hundreds of media interviews, Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, Town Hall Meetings, Rallies, Webinars, billboards, TV & Radio Ads, lawsuits against the MCCA and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of these efforts. And WE, THE PEOPLE were going against one of the strongest and moneyed industries in this state and the nation - the insurance industry.

    This battle simply could not have been won without you!

    Let's take a few days to savor this win; but let me urge you to rest and prepare for what will likely be an even greater battle these next two years.

    S.B. 756 - Kelsey's Law was PASSED! This law's purpose is to prevent young, inexperienced teenage drivers who are regulated by the Graduated Licensing Rules from using their cell phones while driving a car.
    Sports Concussion Bills PASSED earlier this fall and have been signed into law by the governor! These bills establish protocols on the removal of athletes from competition or athletic practices if they are suspected of having sustained a concussion and cannot return to play until cleared by a health professional.
    Brain Injury Act INTRODUCED. We expect to reintroduce this bill again in 2013. This bill will put into law the term and definition of Acquired Brain Injury, as well as establish periodic reporting requirements about brain injury incidence and services needed by persons with a brain injury.
    Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal - Unfortunately, as hard as we worked, this law was repealed. We will look options of next steps next year.
    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year filled with good health and great success!

    BIAMI is All Over the Internet! Join Us!
    BIAMI is on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
    - become a fan!

    The BIAMI website is continually evolving, watch for new services and information in 2013.

    Our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) are updated several times a week with breaking information - be in the know and join us! This is a great way to learn of late breaking information and stay in the loop regarding Auto No-Fault. Join the
    over 1700 folks who "like" our Facebook page.

    We have pictures from all events on our Facebook page and video's can be found on Facebook and YouTube. As part of our transparency initiative, there is a lot of information on GuideStar.

    Follow these links to find what information we have on the web!

    Whether you attended a conference, called for assistance, volunteered, etc. How has BIAMI impacted you?

    Great Nonprofits is a website that gathers stories and reviews about non-profits. We joined so that it can provide one more avenue for YOU to give us your feedback and tell us your story.
    What if the Brain Injury

    What if the Brain Injury Association of Michigan earned a donation every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause?
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    allows members to donate up to 6% of their bill every time you dine out at participating restaurants. The GoodDining Program allows members to earn donations for the cause of their choice at thousands of participating restaurants, bars and clubs. It's an easy-to-use program that's totally discreet, cost free, and allows members to earn donations when they visit participating restaurants, bars and clubs.

    We won this round it looks like....but am afraid its far from over in the future.


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    Car ins. is becoming a joke in some cases...Please read


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    NO Fault

    Read this folks......and remember air bags saves lives.....but also causes more lifetime injuries as you have 3 or more air bags coming at you at over 200 mph.....which the ins. co. don't want you to know.

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    Even more infor for those that hate to look it up


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