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Thread: Gun Trigger Puller

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    i'm a c-5, c-6 and use a bmf activator on all my guns......
    simple solution and they work great......they have them at cabelas $21.99

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    I must have seen DeadEye's invention before and thought it would work great for me also.

    I am sure that I could get some "trigger feel" with his setup. To me that's the most important thing to stay on target. Teaching marksmanship in the Army, the flinch factor along with trigger pull were the most common problems on the range.

    Of course it was not a problem when I taught automatic fire. Low left to high right. I'll never forget the look on cherries faces the first time I let them fire an entire magazine on rock and roll, when they looked up I saw a smile from ear to ear.

    Great idea.
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    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    i use this on a weatherby 7mm accumark with the trigger adjusted to about 3lbs. the added leverage of the handle makes the trigger very light........

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    Good info. I'm building a Marlin 70 for a gimpy gab and go rifle. No stand/mount, nothing I gotta strap on my hands, just grab, aim, fire. I can pull a standard rifle trigger by looping my finger through and pulling back, though it changes my comfortable length of pull by about 2 inches. If I go with a pistol grip, it gets in the way and I can't pull my finger back far enough to fire it. I can't grip a pistol grip, but it does give a bit extra to palm.
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    I came up with a simple solution for quads who use wrist braces. I simply stick a thick paintbrush so its in there real tight, so it has good contact. Here are the braces I use for it-

    Check out my video regarding shooting. I talk about it at 2:38 into the video.

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