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Thread: Question about EasyStand Glider

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    Question about EasyStand Glider

    I am considering an EasyStand Evolv Glider for home use. Website says "Height Range: 5'0 - 6'2". I am T10, incomplete and 6'3". Anybody out there use an EasyStand Glider and are over 6'2"? If so, what (if any) problems have you encountered?
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    The only information I can offer is that when given the option of using a regular EasysStand vs the glider, the therapist told us that the idea of the EasyStand Glider is better than the reality. It does not do the optimal job of standing or gliding. It is not stable (no movement) enough to build bone density and the range of motion in the gliding is not sufficient to get a good range or workout. She told us to stick with the standing frame only and get ROM in another manner.

    Ryan is about 6'2" but that had nothing to do with it.--eak
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    I have a glider and love it. It allows you to get a good cardio workout while getting in some load bearing time. I also like the hip flexor stretch I get from it. A lot of the time I will do sit-to-stands with it by leaving the seat down and grabbing the handles to pull myself up. I'm 6' by the way.

    There are a few guys at my therapy place who are 6'3"-6'4" and use the adult glider w/o any issues. Find a place that has one see if you fit. I had to get fitted for one before the DME would order one for me. Depending on your level of injury and if you are paying out of pocket, there are things that you may or may not want to order.
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    ekephart and 2TiRods, Thank you very much for replies. Will try to locate someplace I can try one before purchasing.

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