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Thread: The Map Of America Visualized By McDonald’s Locations

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    And...McDonald's in the UK...


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    Something like this, I don't think Roger ment McD's though, but he might have.

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    I heard that fast food isn't good for SCI's because the fat and chemicals in it give us the runs.

    My hometown of about 125,000 people has just two McDonald's. one Burger King, one KFC, two Cosi's, six Starbucks, about 10 Dunkin' Donuts, one Sbarro Pizza, one PF Chang, one Capital Grille and two Dominos pizza.

    The locals prefer independent restaurants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    I read an interesting article about income, obesity and fast food. It is counter intuitive to what most people (including me) believe.

    As income rises, so does fast-food consumption, study finds

    The conventional wisdom goes something like this: Obesity rates are skyrocketing among the poorest Americans, therefore fast-food restaurants must be to blame.

    But a new study by a professor at UC Davis' medical school has found that it's Americans with salaries at the higher end of the spectrum -- in some cases as high as $80,000 to $90,000 -- who are driving fast-food consumption at the likes of McDonald's and Burger King.

    "There's a strong correlation been income and obesity," professor Paul Leigh told The Times. "And so people say, 'Oh, well, it's the fast-food restaurants that are causing obesity among the poor.' But that's not true. To focus on fast-food restaurants as the sole cause of obesity is incorrect."

    When I was working full time (good salary) and going to school at night too most of my meals involved drive-thru windows because I lacked any time for serious meal preparation.

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    We're fat. Well my region isn't too bad. Look at the southern and eastern states though. Lit up like a Christmas tree or Fourth of July!
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    Well, it's clear, there is enough used grease from Mickey Dee's alone to power America's electricity plants.

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    My McRib is just a short drive away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    My McRib is just a short drive away!
    McD is about a 3min drive away. Luckily I'm too lazy to go get McMuffins although I've had one or two delivered to me.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    Time is a huge factor, right now we are moving so dinner went from Quinoa and Tabouli, to whatever the closest resturant is serving. I admit though I love junk food.
    First it was the triple cheeseburger at Wendy's, I eat two. Hardies monster burgers, two also. Just recently found a place called Culvers, they serve triple butter burgers, again I eat two. The real test of a good burger is when the grease dribbles down you chin and onto you clothes. Sorry got off topic, just hungry.

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    Heh. I always wonder, "omigod, who eats those?" It's YOU.

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