Spinal infarct at T11 paralyzed legs almost 3 years ago; I gradually gained mobility until I could walk with a cane. But several months ago my right leg started to collapse while walking, to the point where I couldn't safely go any distance. After many inconclusive tests and theories, the reason seems to be either:
1. I have a nerve impingement in my lumbar spine that has weakened the R quad. MRI does not detect problem but Xray shows definite scoliosis. Or
2. I had been relying on spasticity to walk and now the muscles are relaxing. (I do take Baclofen but have reduced dosage.)

The condition got better when I visited Florida (different bed? regular use of pool?) but has now returned to its problematic level.

Has anyone experienced a setback like this? Needless to say, I'm frustrated.