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Thread: Need some advise burying a parent

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    Should have mentioned

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    My father died last night. He was getting on in years, and had previous heart issues over the last decade, but this last one apparently was all that his heart could take. Very sudden and out of nowhere, he probably didnt know it hit him from what I gather.

    Anyway, this is my first time dealing with something like this and maybe some of you guys could give me some tips. My dad wanted to be cremated, and knowing how we both are, most likely not too interested in making a big production out of it.

    Any pointers on what direction to take with this? The hospital gave me some printouts for the Cremation Society, I still need to read that stuff though. Not sure if I should do that or a funeral home?

    I basically feel really lost right now and never cried so much. Trying to get my dad taken care of at this point and try to take things step by step. Maybe you guys can help me out with what to do now?

    Andy: I should have mentioned in my original post to get plenty of death certificates if you end up handling his estate you will need an original copy for just about everything Bank, credit card companies, insurance agencies, veterans benefit etc. i asked for 5 they looked out for me and gave me 10 i used everyone of them.. Remember to take care of yourself its easy to get caught up in all the things required of you and let yourself get run down..

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    So sorry for your loss Andy. Peace to you.

    So sorry for your loss leschinsky. Peace to you.

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    Dear Andy / Leshinsky sorry for both of your losses

    Sending (( Huggs ) your ways

    Sincerely ;

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    So sorry for your loss, leschinsky.

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    Andy and Nicole. I am so sorry for the loss'. I can only imagine how much you are hurting and grieving. I have always believed that the pain of losing a parent is second to that of losing a child. It hurts right down to the soul. Someone once said to me, when she lost her mother that it was like losing a limb. A part of her was gone. I know how you feel Nicole, my mother is 91, still getting around but I know the day will come. We are very close and even though I will survive a huge part of me will be gone forever. The only consolation to losing a parent and grieving the immense loss is that we had the closeness and the true unconditional love for as long as we did. I hope that gives some comfort. Surprisingly, there are those who didn't have that, whether by early death or lack of concern. My thoughts are truly with you Andy for the loss of your dad and you Nicole for your dad as well.

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    thank you everyone for your thoughts. cara you are right, I've reminded myself often how lucky I was to have my mom considering she lost hers when she was only 13 years old.
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    So sorry for your losses Andy and Leshinsky. May wonderful memories of your Dads sustain you in these days.

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    sorry Andy and Leschinsky. Remember the good times! To Les; I only can tell you to enjoy your moments with your mother. I lost mine when i was 19 and she 47.

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    16 and 40, here. Losing a parent is rough for everyone, any age.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv View Post
    sorry Andy and Leschinsky. Remember the good times! To Les; I only can tell you to enjoy your moments with your mother. I lost mine when i was 19 and she 47.
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    So very sorry Leschinsky and Andy for your losses. It truely is something one never gets over but in time you really grow to cherish all the good memories you have of your parent.
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