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Thread: My Indigenous FES bike

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    My Indigenous FES bike

    I have created my own version of fes bike using motorized bike and ems

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    Good job. It looks effective. Do you notice results?
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    Nice work!

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    Very cool...where were you to help me save 15k?
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    Thanks guys, I just had it a few week ago, i will keep you guys posted about the changes in muscle mass. I do feel an icy cool feeling when i cycle it with the ems, so i guess it is doing something for sure

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    Great job Patelville. My wife is a Guju from Ahmadnagar. Do you know Ferdy Rodricks in Mumbai. Might be a good person to know if you are in that area.
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    thanks a lot buddy, I am living in baroda but will get in touch with him

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    How are you doing with your FES bike patelville?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamadavid View Post
    How are you doing with your FES bike patelville?
    I am still waiting to see how much the measurements will change by the 8th, i feel great after doing it

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    guys since two weeks i am able to do this, i dont know how it happened...

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