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Thread: Solution for using crutches on the beach & sand!

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    Solution for using crutches on the beach & sand!

    Hello everyone!

    I lost my right leg above the knee in 1986, and have always been an active swimmer. Pools were never a problem, but I always stayed away from beaches.

    While visiting the isles of Greece in 2003, I couldn't risk exposing the electronics in my prosthesis to sand or water, yet crossing the wide expanses to get from beach entrances to the shoreline so I could swim was exhausting and near impossible because of the struggles associated with crutch tips sinking into the sand. Unfortunately I did not spend much time at those beaches or enjoy many ocean swims. On returning to the states, I searched everywhere for a device I could attach to my crutches that would support my weight over the sand; in my mind's eye I could see what I needed, but was shocked to discover no one manufactured this simple device that would enable me to visit a beach much easier. In 2007 I set out with my father A.J., (who is an industrial designer) to create a solution in an effort to help both myself, and others suffering from the same difficulties preventing a full range of activity on beaches and waterfronts. Together we invented the SandPad, which I am happy to say is now available for everyone:

    I hope they help fellow beach lovers enjoy visiting the beach again!

    Please visit our site and also "like" us on Facebook to help get the word out!


    Jerry Vasilatos

    Amputee & Inventor

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    Wow! Thanks for tackling a very real problem! I don't really use my forearm crutches much anymore, because the chronic pain became too great and I had to move to a wheelchair. Man, do I wish I had had these five years ago! My crutches have sand in them from countries around the world, and I can picture myself at one beach I used to go to in particular. My friends and I used to go often and we had to walk to get there as it was in a developing country and cars were scarce in the area. I used to sink into the sand and struggle the entire length of the beach. Once we arrived at the spot we liked, I would collapse and need to rest for at least a half hour before joining my friends in the water. This product will really help people conserve energy! If I do ever manage to go back to my crutches, I will absolutely buy this product. Thanks for your contribution!
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    That's cool. If we move back close to the beach, I'd totally get some.

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    Hi Nikki-

    I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties. As I'm getting up in age, I know how the joints and limbs get sore. I wish I had been able to introduce these years ago when I first conceptualized them but it took four years to get from prototype and patent work to the final product!

    I hope that when you do return to the beach that they make your visits easier. They can also help keep you standing in the water in the shallow areas.

    Best wishes and happy holidays,


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    Thanks Phoenix! They should make your beach visits much easier!


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