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Thread: excessive sweating

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    excessive sweating

    hi ..i m from mumbai india..C6 level quad since car accident 8 yrs back...
    i have feeling excessive sweating from 1 side i.e left forehead, neck, shoulders..
    this is like recurring...i will have this problem for few weeks..will go away automatically for months..n will recurr....i all my previous post..i have been told its AD...but i found no reason n cure for it..her docs don't understand...n it is not always...will go after few weeks n recur after months...wat is the cure of AD..i have no bladder/bowel problem...sleeping the same way all 7 yrs...

    please help me n reply asap.

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    It can only be AD if your blood pressure is elevated more than 40 mm. Hg. over your usual baseline when you are having symtpoms. What has your blood pressure been during these episodes?

    Have you had an evaluation for a syrinx (post-traumatic syringomyelia)? This can sometimes also cause inappropriate sweating, esp. if it is positional or only one sided.


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