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Thread: Accidental Deleted threads

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    Accidental Deleted threads

    I just moved some unspammy threads to spam by accident. I thought I as just moving a spammers individual posts attatched to normal thrads, but I moved the entire threads. I moved them back to their relevant forums but man, the spam is getting crazy around here!

    Sorry folks!

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    The threads that are original posts, that are obviously spam seem to come in spurts. There have been a lot of those lately.

    Then there are the posts that resurrect an old thread. They are probably harder to spot, unless you are interested in the old thread in the first place.

    I don't know the mechanism for deleting threads or posts, but if there isn't, there should be a couple of fail safe checks, either asking the moderator, "do you want to delete this post or do you want to delete this thread"...or there should be a buddy moderator that you can run your deletes by to double check the action.

    All the best,

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    Just pm me if I am On line We will get this spam under control

    You all Have a nice Weekend

    GL Gypsylady

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    Thanks Christopher and GL for attempting to keep the spam at a minimum. Now if we could just get rid of the UGGG spam lol.

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