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Thread: Family values (oops)

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    Family values (oops)

    This has taken me years to put in words here
    I grew up and was raised with very old fashioned family ethics
    Blood is thicker than water a Motto I truly live by

    It is funny how when I had a accident and was fighting for my life there was only 3 people that came to see me .
    My ' Fiance " Boyfriend he was there right at my side immediately and about 4 day's later my Parents both arrived while I was hooked to life support

    The irony of it all is that my parents cleaned me out , took everything and I guess they didnt't think i'd make it
    Somewhere in the spaghetti line I ended up in a nursing home
    That was when the reality set in that my family gave up on me

    I was there several months in that place and seen death face to face everyday people pass away

    Where was my Family ? Nada My true family is my Boyfriend ' Fiance " was the true only person that stood by my side .
    They called it Rehab , I called it a nursing home because that is what it was .
    Still I held on to Hope and I made up my mind and left that nursing home and moverd back home to a empty house that once had my personal belongings .
    Even hough Family stole important parts of my life , maybe as things to remember me for or something i've been stronger willed and forgive them .
    It has been years and I am in no shape to be travelling far yet but it would have been nice if someone from my family visited as I have a super open heart and large home with enough room for them

    Forgiveness is what I hold near to my heart .
    I still hold on to the same old family values my grand parents taught me
    Maybe that is why I am shy and kind
    Blood is thicker than water

    Maybe I am just old Fasioned and mellow because I truly am a country lady who sees things with open eyes because beauty of life is all around us in every shape size , form .

    My 'Fiance " and me have weathered this SCI through the strom and here I am to say that at this point of my life I still would do anything for anybody within my limits because that is the way I was brought up .
    Too bad these old Values are gone for many people
    I still am old Fashioned , actually We both are and are very poor but rich at heart I guess that is what makes us compatible .
    There is much more to life than materialistic things
    My Views are simple and soft , compassionate about humanity

    If this was my last breath I just wanted to say that life was great and those old values will always be in my heart .

    I am not materialistic and started all over from scratch 100% ,
    Here I am year's later still old fashioned and I would do anything for anyone in my family , my old mom calls me everyday .
    Sometime soon i'll go fly and visit her because I love her

    It is easier to forgive than to forget but I managed to block out the ugly greed that so many families ( even my Family ) posess because they thought you'd never make it

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    id be writing thank you notes to folks for taking such good care of your things while your life and death was busy playing teeter totter. that though you are not as good as new, you are still among the living, so could you please return my things so I can.....umm, have them back?
    thanx tons ........... rubbing hands together ooooooo I cant wait to get my ---------- back! oops, this thing still on?

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    Judy--it's amazing you have come through so untarnished. You have a kind and forgiving nature about you. I'm not so sure I could be so gracious. My mother is deceased, but my father, son, BF, brothers, sister-in-laws and nieces have been my side (literally, night and day for the first 3-4 months) through out this life alternating ordeal. That support system has supplied me with so much comfort and empowered me to work that much harder. It saddens me that anyone would take to the opportunity to capitalize of your vulnerability at such a horrific time in your life. I'm so glad you have the love and support of your wonderful fiancé. Sounds like a real keeper.")) You're a real stand-up gal for extending that olive branch--but, just don't allow them to hurt you further!!

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    very good values you have, keep them
    We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
    Ronald Reagan

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    I hope it is a long, long time before you take your last breath.
    Many people have taken years of therapy to get where you are-if they ever even come close. That shows the size of your heart my dear GL.

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    Gl, sounds like you have a reat big forgiving heart. Living in the past is horrible and you were robbed of wanting your family to rally around you, but you have turned it around to hopefully have a good ending. Congrts on finding your soul mate, he obviously understands the importance of being there for you. Emotional support is sometimes as important phys therapy, it is therapy for our mind and soul. bless you for your trials you have shared with us. Keep looking forward.
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