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Thread: S*** my kids ruined (oops!)

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    S*** my kids ruined (oops!)

    If you need a chuckle - check out- Found it via a friend on FaceBook. Some of it is hilarious.
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  2. #2 a step-dad who got involved when the youngest was age 9+.....I missed most of these "precious" moments

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    poop gloves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    poop gloves!

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    Hey, most of US have been there, with the poop shooting out and up the back... gad...

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    Diaper Overflow

    I remember that!...both of them did that.

    John colored on the wall once, I put a frame over it. Ha ha....

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    I received a book for dads when my daughter was born. It said to stick finger in diaper if not sure if if was dirty. I did that while sitting on the couch. I was holding the kid in one hand and a dirty dirty finger on the other, no one else was home. Didn't know what to do so I wiped it on her diaper and then got in chair to change her. My wife still laughs about that. I don't think I used the book after that but still have it in the bookshelf.

    I have some squiggles on my workshop door. She stood on her tippy toes while doing it. Probably two and a half feet up she was so little. When I re-painted the shop there was no way I was going to let anyone paint that door.

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