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Thread: Why would a healthy 19 yr old have a stroke!

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    Question Why would a healthy 19 yr old have a stroke!

    Well test have begun on my neice to try and find out why she had a stroke, she had been having headaches since july, had ct at er and shots but to no avail she was sent for mri and was called she had,had a stroke,recently to pin point when doc told her it was in a area that would affect her vision she remembered 2 days before mri she couldnt see out off her left eye when she got up that morning, but returned she wss feeling weak even before stroke and had numness in few fingers and toes but returned, she got minimum damage docs were amazed, but also said this was not small this was a good size on mri like a nickle or little bigger wow he said dhe survived what kills most ,hopefully we will know more when all test come back altho heart test were good cardiologist said we may never know, but hope we do when all reports come in from contrast ct and blood wrk, hopefully tomorrow hope she just is thick blooded or something no worse very scary, she is still having headaches is on aspiran until we can get answers if any.
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