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Thread: Why would a healthy 19 yr old have a stroke!

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    Hi Peacegirl,

    I don't know you or your neice so please don't take this the wrong way but has your neice ever been known to inject/shoot-up illicit/illegal drugs? If it's totally out of the question then cool, please disregard this post. But if she's been known to keep company with unsavory "friends" it may be something to consider. A tiny strand of cotton (especially synthetic "cotton" like rayon) that drug injecters use to "strain" their dope with can get inside the syringe and enter the brain and cause an undefined stroke. It's so small that it may not show up on the various tests.

    Good luck to you and your neice,

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Hi, Bob
    wow i didnt know that, of course we all would believe when asking this isnt true in her case, but you never know or later you might, i was thinking could someone have put something in her drink but, dont know, but the doctor did ask her if she does drugs and she said no sir, and drinking she says no sir, but i was thinking about this he ask her are you sure, and she said yes sir im sure, well then i wonder, since they can't find the source as of yet, her father has been known to smoke pot in there home as she was growing up, sickening to think about we only found this out threw my mother who spent the night and got up to go to the bath room, and saw him of course, but you can bet that wasnt told to doc, but anyway, she is so sweet and a christian threw this all, works and goes to college, i hope she has been straight, she is a straight a student but of course no longer lives at home, you would think she would be so messed up, but seems to hold all together dr can't believe how well she is and continued to work and school during this time, they also said this was not a small stroke, was next to brain stem in area that effects the eyes. we are so blessed altho so scary we do worry this will happen again if we dont fiure out what is going on that caused it thanks for that information very interresting, never knew that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peacegirl_11 View Post
    contrast ct
    This will tell you what is going on. More specific than MR.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    congenital defect
    They do just clog up or go pop in any one at any time, even for a young girl not on the pill, but this is just much less common.

    MR Angiography (with Gadolinium chelate contrast) can show what is going on and also what damage has been done. (I have attenuation in VEP and MR may be able to see changes.) Waiting for mine hopefully _before_ I have a stroke. I have had this for decades, but changing a bit so a bit worried.

    In my case Circle of Willis may have always been clogged, and now only causing probs since changes to my neck following spinal injury. (Reduced contribution from vertebrobasilar system. GP said this and did not think much of normal Doppler scans, but referred me to neurologist who can order better scans.)
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