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Thread: socks or something

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    socks or something

    to keep my feet warm. I have Uggs which work great but they barely fit on my footrests, I have to sit one sort of on the other to wear them. I'm mainly looking for something to wear around the house, I'm always barefoot which was no problem in the summer. Now that it's getting cold I need something that goes all or most of the way up the calf. Any ideas?

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    Good old slipper socks made out of thick wool. They are almost like being barefoot in that there is no protection, but they keep your feet warmer and have a bit of a padded bottom to them. Not exactly sexy, but if it is just for around the house then it doesn't matter. Something like below is what I am talking about.

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    I have a pair with leather/ suede bottoms and a sock top and they serve me well, protect the bottom of my feet, fit on my phone rests, and keep me warm. I'd bet an LL Bean / Lands' End type of place what have them.

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    I wear these around the house:

    My feet seem happy, but they don't talk to me anymore so I am just guessing.

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    What I use in the winter is old fassioned leg warmers. They're hard to find but do the trick for me.

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    Nordstrom has some cute/pretty ones at about $24.00

    Sierra Trading Post has a cute Woolrich slipper sock on sale around $25.00

    Woolrich website has some fun Nordic designs, but they get a bit pricey at $45.00.

    And if you like Uggs, they make a slipper boot.

    Keep warm,
    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)

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    LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers
    LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

    The latter have a non-skid sole so stay on foot pedals better. These are the women's versions. They have men's versions too.

    Both my parents have worn these and loved them.


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    For Canadian shoppers has free delivery on many of their shoes, moccasins and boots. Many sales on this site. Cheryl

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    I've also been looking for the perfect socks to wear around the house
    and last week bought these by Diastar. So far, they're wonderful!

    Share your own customer images

    Diastar Comfy Feet Diabetic Socks, 3-pack

    by Diastar
    3.4 out of 5 stars See all reviews (52 customer reviews) | Like (0)

    List Price: $11.41 Price: $8.99 You Save: $2.42 (21%)

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    uggs are very cute but my black sheepskin lined ugg clogs gave me a pressure sore on bottom of my foot .

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