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Thread: ...while I was away...

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    ...while I was away...

    Well, I haven't been here much of late. I got let go by my employer at the end of August and have been a bit lost as a result. Also, my wife got diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (not a fun disease that has played havoc on her life...and our life too).

    So, it's been a challenging time.

    Anyway, enough of my problems. I've been working hard to make some lemonade, so to speak, and an invention that I have had has now become something of a focus for me and my wife.

    Basically, I started making prototypes of this thing earlier in the year, and have now tested it to the point where I am willing to share it with the world.

    I'm not trying to be melodramatic, but this thing has genuinely changed my life, and I really believe in it. I have started a company and we are now producing these and I'm giving test rides to anyone brave enough.

    Anyway, take a look at this YouTube and see what you think. I'm sure I'll start pimping this thing soon (in the right forum etc), but could use your help and advice too.

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    That looks like fun!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your employer and family troubles. I know you're strong though and will persevere.

    So much for that woman at work who gave you a difficult time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    That looks like fun!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your employer and family troubles. I know you're strong though and will persevere.

    So much for that woman at work who gave you a difficult time!
    Thanks.....yeah, in many ways I was very happy just to be out of that whole crappy situation. Although, the actual reason was because they wanted to move me to either NYC or Mexico, and I couldn't do either with my step-daughter not being able to move further from MS than she is.

    I'm interviewing for more work, but being in a chair sure puts a fun slant on fingers are crossed, but for now the Power Pod is my job...

    Honestly, its my wife who I miss the most....I could do with getting her back to some kind of normal.

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    So good to see you Mark. You have been missed.
    I knew you were inventing something-but not the other bad news.
    Am going to peek at your video and look up Ankylosing Spondylitis right now.

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    Sorry to hear about your wife, Mark. And your job. But that thing looks like a blast! Your link isn't working at the moment, did you have a typo in there? Good to see ya back!

    eta: Typing in the url into the address bar works.

    Once you bet all the bugs worked out, you can contact the online dealers who sell handbikes. You should get a hold of patd, the FreeWheel man, and get some pointers from him on how best to manufacture and market your product. Best of luck.
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    This looks like a great item for that extra help for guys like me that need it. I will keep an eye out for your progress.

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    Hey Mark, really sorry to hear of your challenges. From thelooks of the powerpod, I think this will be great "Lemonaide". How soon before they are ready for sale? Tried going on the site but it wouldn't open.

    Remember as some doors close, others open to better opprotunities. May your wife get back to normal and you seel a bagillion of the Powerpods.

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    Sorry to hear Mark. Hope your wife feels better soon and she gets back to normal. Good luck with your invention. It looks great.
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    Opps...fixed the link now:

    The kinks are basically ironed out now, it is ready for sale. But I plan to sell face to face first. I want to give maximum customer care. The bracket has been made to fit (almost) all handcycles (which was one of the biggest challenges to be sure). Anyway, thanks for the feedback guys.

    I tell you what, this has been one of the most fun projects I have ever been involved in.....and losing my job has really given me the time and space to focus on it.
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    and thanks for the words about my wife. I would rather have my SCI than what she has.....she started taking Humira ($1100 per shot) and it wiped her out. She has lost so much weight, not eating, sick, weak....we are just learning about it all now.

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