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Thread: Ron Cohen, M.D., Elected Chairman of the Board of the New York Biotechnology Association

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    Ron Cohen, M.D., Elected Chairman of the Board of the New York Biotechnology Association

    Ron Cohen, M.D., Elected Chairman of the Board of the New York Biotechnology Association

    HAWTHORNE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 2002--The members of the New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) have elected Ron Cohen, M.D., to be the Chairman of their Board of Directors for the 2003-2004 term.

    Dr. Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Acorda Therapeutics and has been an active member of NYBA since 1995 and has served on the Board for the past 4 years.

    Dr. Cohen said, "NYBA has done outstanding work in helping to make New York a more attractive environment for biotechnology companies. NYBA provides New York biotech companies with assistance at all levels of their operations, such as employee recruitment, financing and location of facilities. In addition, NYBA is an essential voice for the biotechnology industry in New York, raising awareness of key biotech issues among state and local government representatives. As CEO of a biotechnology company I have seen first hand how NYBA's support helps the state attract, retain and grow biotechnology companies. I am honored to have been elected as NYBA's Board Chairman and I look forward to even more rapid growth of a robust biotech industry in New York, from which the medical breakthroughs of the future will emerge."

    Acorda Therapeutics, a privately held biotechnology company, is developing therapies for spinal cord injury (SCI) and related neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS). The Company's lead product, Fampridine-SR, is in Phase 3 clinical trials for chronic SCI and Phase 2 for MS. Acorda's technology platform also includes two remyelinating agents in preclinical development for MS. The first is M1, a class of human monoclonal antibodies that have been shown to remyelinate the central nervous system in animal models, and the second is GGF2, a product of the neuregulin 1 gene. Preclinical studies have shown that GGF2 can stimulate the cell growth necessary to protect and regenerate damaged myelin. Additionally, Acorda is developing protein- and stem cell-based technologies for regeneration and repair of the spinal cord and brain. In 2002, Acorda was the recipient of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association's L. W. Freeman Award for scientific research.


    Acorda Therapeutics

    Tierney Saccavino, 914/347-4300 ext. 104

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