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Thread: Anyone hear from Betheny

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    Anyone hear from Betheny

    I heard there was an earthquake in Oklahoma and thought of her right away. I trust she's okay.

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    I haven't heard from her. There were actually 2. NO damage reported that I know of. My sister lives nearby in Ok.
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    Knowing our Betheny's luck it was in her back yard but somehow she managed to literally hold her ground.
    I think she was having computer problems a while ago.
    Hopefully she will check in soon.

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    Or she could have caused the earthquake, never under estimate the fury of a redhead She could also be off giving Mr. Richter & his scale a attitude adjustment.

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    My slightly tipsy ass was in my next door neighbor's garage when the big one hit. In Okla, you always assume it's the wind until you feel it start to roll. Seemed like it lasted a long time.

    I made peace w/ the tornadoes, and now I'm all "What fresh hell is this?"

    I'm about 50 mi. from the epicenter. I expect Carl got it worse.

    Thanks for asking! Still using Jake's pc.

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    Good God Girl. Are you a calamity magnet?
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    Calamity magnet? Umm, yep. The calamities have grown up w/ me, hopefully I'm peaking?

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    That's not a real earthquake, come to the NW, we'll show ya a real
    good time.

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