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Hi all,

My husband is a newly injured T4 and we are beginning to research new options for transportation. We are torn between the Subaru Outback and a wheelchair accessible Honda Element. The main area of concern for my husband in regards to the Outback is whether or not he'd be able to get our 20 month old daughter in and out of her carseat on his own. Prior to the accident, he was responsible for daycare drop off and pick up, and he'd like to return to that at some point. What are your thoughts? Any experience one way or the other?

Just bought an 09 Outback and I have a 2 year old. I had a full size van and had no issues there. No real issue in the ouback either. The back door opens nice and wide so not bad at all. My daughter clims in herself and I am sure yours will do the same soon. The biggest stretch is securing the belt, but you shoudl be fine, especially as time goes by. I'm t6. You can always put the kid in, then get in the front and reach back to latch the child in.