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Thread: Disability Insurance: How much harassment is ok?

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    Disability Insurance: How much harassment is ok?

    My gf is a para and receives some $300/mo disability pay from ING. They have an annual "physician's report" to be filled out by her doctor. This year, after receiving the physician's report, they sent a 10-page document asking dozens of intrusive questions about ADLs, lifestyle, education, medical information, etc etc. They also request a listing of all physicians she's interacting with.

    Do we have to fill out this form? How much information do we have to provide? This seems rather unreasonable considering that (a) the payment is minimal, and (b) her disability is severe and permanent.

    Thanks for any insights!

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    This is standard. I get long term disability payment and they send evaluations regularly, including a "tell us how you spend a typical day from getting up to bedtime" question. I have to provide ALL the info you mentioned above, and my doctor has to fill out a yearly form too, checking off boxes about what I can lift, can I do anything above my waist height, climb stairs (chuckle, chuckle), walk any distance (guffaw..) and the like. They usually want to know if I made any income, did I take any classes, all of it is asked. I know it is difficult at times, but go with it because it is what they all do and speaking for myself, I need the money to survive.

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    Thanks, Eileen! I guess we will fill out the form and wait for the day they request that we fedex a weeks' worth of used Depends.

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