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Thread: I want to cath

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabmother View Post
    i am assuming that a mitro is the same as bladder augmentation surgery (where you pee out of a stoma on your abdomin)?
    Actually, a Mitrofanoff is NOT the same as an augmentation. An augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses a segment of large bowel (or occasionally stomach) to make the bladder larger (more capacity) and have less tone (less pressure). It is a big surgery.

    A Mitrofanoff is the procedure that surgically creates a conduit from the bladder to the abdomen (usually in the belly button) through which you can catheterize the bladder instead of going through the urethra.

    An augmentation and Mitrofanoff are different, but sometimes the surgeries will be done together, or can be done at different times for the same person. Not everyone who needs one needs the other.


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    Can I have bowel issues with augmentation? How common ipare issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Can I have bowel issues with augmentation? How common ipare issues
    Yes, following an augmentation (but rarely following just a Mitrofanoff) you can have problems with bowel accidents. This can last as long as 6 weeks. We recommend going back to a daily (or more often) bowel program to help with this (if you are on every other day now), and paying closer attention to your diet. Most people get back onto their usual routine at 4-6 weeks post-op.

    Initially (for the first 5-7 days) after an augmentation it is common for the bowel not to work at all (ileus) so an NG tube to suction may be needed, nothing taken orally (even meds) and sometimes TPN or IV nutrition may be needed.


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    thanks for the explanation. i had to have both the aug with the mitro because after 15 years with the indwelling my bladder could no longer hold anything at all. so new bladder and mitro were constructed from my large bowel.

    with all that, i still love my surgery and had zero problems being pg because of it.

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    That seriously terrifies me. No meds!!

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    Do a search here; there is a LOT of info by women who have had a mitro, and very very few (if any) regret it. Most seem to say they wish they'd have done it sooner.

    What terrifies you more, the possible problems, the surgery, or continuing to live with an SP and pee bag?

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    The problem scare me but that recovery week of no meds? I can't imagine the nerve pain

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    I think she meant no meds orally, not none at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    I think she meant no meds orally, not none at all.
    Right. No ORAL meds (baclofen, Neurontin, Lyrica, etc. for example) but patches, IV and IM are all allowed and should be given to manage pain.


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    I know. I'm scared of nerve pain from lack of neurontin

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